Honor Council: academic honesty

If you’re new to campus, you might be wondering just what the Honor Code is all about. In all its glory, the Honor Code is an agreement to be academically honest. Such an agreement allows privileges and freedoms seldom found at other universities. Most importantly, the code fosters trust between students and faculty.

You will learn to reaffirm your code on each piece of submitted work at Lawrence with the words “I Hereby reaffirm the Lawrence University Honor Code,” or “IHRTLUHC.”

If a professor suspects that a violation took place, he or she forwards the case to the Honor Council, a body of students empowered by the faculty to hear the evidence, determine if a violation took place, and issue a sanction.

Instances of such misconduct include (but are not limited to) internet plagiarism, unsanctioned collaboration, and cheating on exams.

Just in case you’re considering pulling a fast one on your prof in the first few weeks of school, be warned that we commonly sanction such cases of academic dishonesty with letter-grade reductions and failed grades in the course, and, at the worst, suspension and even expulsion.

Earth-shaking academic powers aside, the Honor Council really is a friendly bunch, so look for our visits in your Freshman Studies classes and ask all the questions you want. In the meantime, enjoy your newfound academic freedom. Welcome to Lawrence!