Editor’s notes

Typically, The Lawrentian produces eight issues each term. We are postponing our final issue this term, however, until the end of tenth week, as the end of this academic year will be a particularly exciting season in the institutional life of Lawrence University. In the meantime, however, expect weekly, shorter web editions available via email and through www.lawrentian.com. Having two weeks off from the “real” newspaper allows our writers – and yes, even us editors – to recommit ourselves to “the business of learning,” as it were, in Warchian fashion.

We are working on a number of end-of-the-year projects to be released in the email editions and the final issue. These include a very special Downer poll (you should have seen us tabling this week) and information about the frat lawsuit.

Bill Dalsen and I have spent the last couple of weeks at the Circuit Court clerk’s office poring over files from the lawsuit. These files are a treasure trove of “declassified” information about Lawrence University and how it operates.

We are working on an accessible record of the lawsuit. The Lawrentian also seeks to publish PDF files of the full record, pending (quite considerable) copying costs.

The other story of the year, lest we forget, is the sunset of the Warch presidency, and you can expect full coverage of the send-off in our pages.

Another story that I hope won’t happen at all is next Wednesday’s purported “all-campus” streak. Traditionally, there has been an etiquette – slightly hypocritical, bizarre, and animalistic though it may be – attached to Senior Streak. This etiquette has kept, and will keep direct accounts and photos of Senior Streak silent and invisible in The Lawrentian.

But Wednesday’s purported event is a horse of an uglier color.

If you are a campus nudist of the conformist variety, beware that this publication is not too squeamish to cover the event and could include names of participants, a play-by-play, and even photos of the fiasco which, we all hope, will probably not even come to fruition.

So, fellow underclassmen, let’s keep clothed, for the most part. And for the rest of you, don’t forget to check the web for periodic updates.