Lawrence Ultimate to compete at Regionals

Alex Weck

Both the men’s and women’s LU ultimate Frisbee teams have recently been tuning up for the UPA Central Regionals to take place in Whitewater this weekend. Both teams will be competing against the most ultimate-savvy colleges hailing from the agricultural trifecta of Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.When all the shenanigans are over at Regionals, two of the 13 competing women’s teams and three of 16 men’s teams will be advancing to UPA Nationals. Veni Vidi Vici, the women’s squad, received a preliminary seventh seed, whereas the men’s team Soft in the Middle was seeded 12th. These rankings were tabulated based on solid performances by both teams at the Lake Superior Sectional Tournament two weeks ago.

The going at Regionals looks tough for the Softies and Vici, but both squads, not unlike Wu Tang, aim to “bring da ruckus.