Staff Editorial: Senior streak re-revisited

A few weeks ago, many students received a flyer advertising an “all campus” streak that is to take place during the Wednesday of eighth week. This flyer asked Lawrentians to get naked to “show [their] disapproval of Warch’s anti-streaking policy.” Unfortunately for the architects of this organized effort against our president’s “anti-streaking” policy, neither President Warch, nor any other administrator, has authorized or implemented such an “anti-streaking” policy.At last year’s streak, several incidents involving alcohol abuse and sexual harassment prompted Lawrence administrators to ask that the traditional senior streak not take place immediately following the senior dinner. This recommendation had two corollaries – first, that students not jeopardize their safety by drinking heavily after the senior dinner and participating in the streak, and secondly, that the university not be officially affiliated with this annual event.

The fact that the streak had occurred in the past on the same evening as the dinner, which is sponsored by the university, led to the allegation that this event was sanctioned by Lawrence. This allegation was, according to administrators, false.

All that administrators have asked is that senior streak not take place in the same evening as the dinner in order to alleviate suppositions that the event is in some way sponsored and/or sanctioned by Lawrence University. An “all campus streak” designated for students who desire to demonstrate their “disapproval of Warch’s anti-streaking policy” causes a greater detriment to this tradition than the administrators’ recommendations regarding this event.

The “senior streak” has been termed as such because it involves seniors’ shedding their clothing for one last “hurrah” as college students. It is a rite of passage – the chance for seniors to be unclothed for one night and not worry about the repercussions this act may entail. Further, the streak allows seniors to forget about the impending realities beyond college life, which they will soon have to face. This tradition does not necessarily connote alcohol use; it signifies, instead, the senior students’ passage out of Lawrence.

We ask that non-senior students allow their fellow outgoing Lawrentians to have their tradition. If you are not a senior, please do not recklessly usurp this rite of passage by participating in an “all campus” streak. The seniors will almost certainly continue this tradition – well within the boundaries of the administration’s recommendations.