Romance according to ***The Lawrentian*** –mrm, pgg – mcb

Dear *** Lawrentian***,
My girlfriend and I have been dating since last term’s Heaven and Hell party at Phi Tau. I saw her shakin’ it from across the room and knew it was meant to be.
Lately, though, things have been getting awkward because of our housing arrangements. Not only do we both live in doubles — affecting our sexy-time options — but I’m in Trever, while she lives in Colman. The distance is just too much to bear, and lately I find myself going days without seeing her. Do you have any advice for our long-distance relationship?
Lonely in TreverDear Lonely in Trever,
You are not alone in the distance problems you’re experiencing. Many couples on the Lawrence campus have run into trouble with across-campus living situations.
One option is to establish a meeting point at a central location on campus. Although somewhere like the union won’t help you with your sexy-time options, it will provide a place to see each other that isn’t too far from either Trever or Colman. At the Union, you can share a romantic basket of fries or even play some arcade games in that dim (read: sexy) basement room. Don’t get too frisky down there, though — the Information Desk monitors the room with security cameras.
On the other hand, you could break up with her and date someone that lives closer to you. Long-distance relationships are never easy, and if you feel like you can’t handle it, sometimes it’s easier to date someone that you can see every day. In other words, just hook up with that freshman that lives down the hall.
Best regards,
***The Lawrentian***