Top Ten Rejected Matriculation Convo Topics

Peter Gillette

10. Let Them Eat Cake: Benign Neglect as Residence Life Policy9. Studies Show That Drinking A Glass of Red Wine Per Day Can Save Your Life. That Means Drinking Three Glasses of Red Wine Per Day Can Triple Your Lifespan! (sponsored by Sutter Home)

8. Give to the Lawrence Fund… Pleeeeeeeease?

7. Frisbee and Legitimate Athletics: A Study in Contrasts

6. In Praise of Proctoring: The Case Against Academic Freedom

5. Rush Delt

4. I Moved All The Way to Appleton and All I Got Was this Measly 70 Minute Convocation Slot

3. The Madison Mega-class Model: What Lawrence Can Learn from the UW System

2. Pretty Sounds on the Periphery: The Proper Place of a Conservatory Within a Liberal Arts College

1.”Why Vote?” The Case for Political Apathy

– Peter Gillette