College Dems work for Kerry, Feingold

Peter Gillette

In this time of intense political partisanship, all journalists must strive for balance. It is in this spirit that I apologize for the wholly inadvertent omission of the College Democrats’ blurb in the new student week’s organizational guidebook section.The Lawrentian editorial board is proud to include Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and-in the parlance of our Copy Chief Dan Holbrook-“Wishy-Washy Moderates” who convene throughout the week in the hopes of creating a vibrant and balanced publication.

Peter Gillette
Editor in Chief

Want to be politically active this fall?

The Lawrence University College Democrats are for you. The Lawrence University College Dems are liberally minded students who share a love of democratic values and a hard working attitude.

We will be working all fall to try and get John Kerry in the White House and reelect Russ Feingold to the U.S. Senate as well as participate in lots of local elections. We will be having voter registration drives, get out the vote drives, and lots of other fun things this fall.

We do many other things as well as work on campaigns. We work on educating Lawrence students about political issues and making sure all students on campus have a voice on issues.

If you are interested in working to see democrats get elected, or you just want to be a part of a thriving group on campus, come see us.

If you want to join, or have questions, feel free to call Andy York at x7116, or e-mail