Lucinda’s to try dinner

Amy Siebels

This November, Lucinda’s will be cooking up something that is usually reserved for honored guests and special banquets: dinner.The momentum for the experiment came from an LUCC-sponsored Food Service survey conducted last May. According to Lynn Hagee, director of food services, many students suggested dinner at Lucinda’s as an improvement to student dining options.

Based partly on the interest of surveyed students and partly on overcrowding at Downer, according to Hagee, the food services staff decided the time was right for a change.

During the November-only trial run, Lucy’s will serve dinner Monday through Friday from approximately 5:30 to 7 p.m. It will be closed in the mornings.

“Whatever changes we make in Food Service, they must be cost effective,” said Hagee. “I know now that we will not be able to serve breakfast as well as dinner.”

The current staff at Lucinda’s will cover the new shifts, starting and ending their days later.

Hagee hopes that a second dinner option will create a more balanced workload for the two dining facilities.

“Hopefully it [will] lighten the load on Downer,” said Hagee. “Downer will remain the facility with the greatest number of menu options, while Lucy’s will have a set dinner menu without as many options.”

The dinner menu for Lucinda’s will be available online later this month.

Other changes are in the works, too, thanks to the LUCC survey. “We also hope to try outdoor dining in Lucy’s come spring, another student suggestion,” Hagee said.

As in the past, Lucinda’s will be closed on days when it is being used for a catered event, such as Lunch at Lawrence.