Dear Diary – mcb

Paul Karner

Dear Diary,
I just saw Julie in my Gender Studies class and she was looking sooOOOoo hott. I couldn’t concentrate on her killer body cause Prof. R*** kept asking me questions about male showmanship or something like that. I mean, I signed up for this class so that I could be with some sweet babes, but all we talk about are boring books about psycho old chicks that don’t know the first thing about partying. Speaking of partying, I’m totally gonna ask Julie to the B*** formal this weekend. The girls there are more progressive than any chicks that we’ve read about in Gender Studies. I mean, this one time a chick totally [edited for decency]. I know, it’s crazy huh? Talk about women’s liberation. Anyway back to Julie, I bet she’s pretty freaky when a few drinks loosen her up. She says a bunch of smart shit in class that kind of rubs me the wrong way. Whatever, I’m totally gonna get some this weekend. Speaking of rubbing, I think I’m gonna go watch girls gone wild. There’s a new one out where these girls take of there shirts and [edited for decency].