Bodin, McEneaney take office

Emily Passey

The new LUCC executive board, headed by President Mollie Bodin and Vice President Doug McEneaney, took charge of LUCC as of Tuesday, Feb. 27.
The LUCC elections took place Jan. 17-19. A total of 263 students and 11 faculty members chose to vote in this year’s elections – the first to use the new Voyager online voting system.
Bodin won with 60 percent of the vote and McEneaney with 100 percent, as he ran unopposed.
The new administration has chosen their seven-member cabinet after reviewing applications and completing interviews with interested parties.
Bodin attended both general council and steering committee meetings during the transition stage between administrations.
Along with brainstorming with her VP, new president Bodin has met with both Dean of Students Nancy Truesdell and President Beck to discuss plans for her time in office.
“The main goal of my office is to overcome the apathy of the student body,” said Bodin.
The junior history major said that she has noticed a growing tendency toward cliques on campus, which she believes is in opposition to the goals of a liberal arts education.
Bodin and McEneaney, who, prior to their election, knew each other only through mutual friends, have decided to work together to accomplish this goal.
They hope to accomplish their main goal by creating better communication, especially among various campus groups, and by increasing student awareness of the importance of LUCC.
Bodin has discussed the creation of committees of campus leaders, and hopes that this will be the first task to be completed, probably in the beginning of third term.
“It’s hard looking towards the future when it can change so quickly,” said McEneaney.
His philosophy is to “do what needs to be done,” to focus on immediate problems and to be flexible with priorities, rather than to set a list of goals to be achieved.
Bodin acknowledged the efforts of the previous administration, noting that they were especially driven to promote student diversity.
She hopes to keep the LUCC newsletter, which the Bullock-Kliethermes administration implemented, as well as finish up any leftover tasks from the previous administration.
Neither Bodin nor McEneaney have previous LUCC experience, but neither seems to regard this as a hindrance.
Bodin, who has held positions on executive boards of other campus organizations, chose to run because she feels that LUCC needs a stronger voice if campus life is to be improved.
McEneaney brings to his role as chief officer of the LUCC Financial Board his experience as an economics and math major.
Both Bodin and McEneaney expressed their enjoyment of their new positions.
“The representatives and current cabinet have all been welcoming and encouraging,” said the Bodin.
Good luck to the new executive board.