The CTL: a valuable resource for students

April West

The Center for Teaching and Learning is a valuable resource on the Lawrence campus that is often overlooked.
The CTL had a successful fall term this year, as well as a record 2005-06 academic year with 3,637 hours of tutoring.
The CTL currently employs over 140 tutors, representing 10 percent of the Lawrence student population.
In the past academic year, tutors assisted 744 students, or over 53 percent of the student body.
Tutoring is offered in quantitative, oral, writing and content areas.
Quantitative tutors are available for all (Q) courses for both one-on-one tutoring as well as group sessions.
Oral tutors can help with preparing class discussions, presentations or speeches.
Writing tutors help with papers from the brainstorming stage to the final draft.
Content tutoring involves assistance with specific topics in understanding course material.
Besides tutoring, the CTL offers other academic and nonacademic services. Among these are workshops, academic skill counseling, a growing resource library, and ESL assistance.
Academic skills counseling includes such topics as academic stress and anxiety, developing a plan to improve academic performance, specific study skills and strategies, organizational methods and time management, and how to avoid distractions and procrastination.
Students can access a list of offered group sessions on the CTL website. There is also a computer lab that is usually very quiet.
“I saw many psychology students come in to use our computer lab last year because it had a less stressful environment than other computer labs on campus,” said Julie Haurykiewicz, coordinator of the CTL.
“It is usually very quiet, especially during finals week if you need to write a paper, and it is open to the public.”
The CTL has a speaking studio that students can use to tape speeches and then review them. Student groups can also use any of the CTL’s facilities.
The CTL is a place where Lawrence’s focus on individualized learning is demonstrated. One-on-one tutoring is provided where both the tutor and the tutee grow and develop.
“Several tutors have mentioned to me that they realized that you never really know something until you try to teach it to someone else,” said Haurykiewicz.
She further stated that the CTL “has something for everyone, no matter what stage or year they are in, whether or not they are having trouble in a subject, or would like to improve in an area.”
Haurykiewicz continued, “Tutors are using other tutors at the CTL all the time. We hope to help all students that want to improve their academic performance.”
Students can contact the CTL at extension 6767.
The hours are Monday through Thursday 1-11 p.m., Friday 1-5 p.m., and Sunday 7-11 p.m.