Hey! That midget

Heywood U. Cuddleme

Yo, did you see that?! That Midget over there can totally headbang! That’s fucking sweet! He’s gotta be a midget, did you see how short he is? He must be a midget, not a kid. I know what kids look like, dude, and that’s not one.
Seriously, check that shit out! He’s totally headbanging, but he’s totally short! I can’t believe this shit! Wait till I tell Steve, he’ll totally freak out. He loves this sort of thing!
Yo, remember that time we saw that homeless dude barf all over his dog? That was hilarious, but this totally trumps it. I mean, seriously . that dude looks like that fucker Gimli from
“The Lord of the Rings” movie only he’s rockin’ the shit out!
I would have to say that this ranks in my all-time top five of totally awesome and hilarious things I’ve ever seen. Number one would definitely be the time that time on “Jackass” that Johnny Knoxville got his ass beat down by that dude from “Super Punch-Out,” and although I know that was probably staged or something, it was still awesome.
I’m not racist or anything lame-ass, dude. I know that midgets, or “little people,” as they like to be called, can totally do anything we normal-sized people can do. But I’ve only seen a few at the House of Blues before and I’ve never seen one headbang.
Holy balls, he’s going into the mosh pit! He’s gonna totally get annihilated! I gotta see this!