ORC house over capacity again

Hugh Jass

Campus Security rendered several residents of the Outdoor Recreation Club House practically homeless Thursday night after a capacity inspection.
House members report that they were gathered in the living room engaged in their weekly knot-tying circle when security entered the building at 7:30 p.m.
There were nine students participating in the circle, while Will Daniels was found in the kitchen filling his Nalgene with water.
Since the ORC living room has a capacity of five persons, Campus Security immediately ordered four of the knot-tiers to vacate the building.
“It came as a surprise to all of us,” said house member Pat Breese. “But it was no big deal. We pitched a tent on the front lawn.”
Breese continued, “It worked out well, though — we were able to host our s’more-making sessions earlier than we expected. At least 20 people showed up to our lawn shindig. ORC always throws the best parties.”
Later that night, security returned and evicted all but two students from the lawn, reminding the ORC members that the lawn capacity is two persons.
Breese and housemate Mitchell Goodman were forced to sleep on the Quad green, which has no known capacity regulations.