Make bowls, help community

Sonia Emmons

Sat., April 21 the Wriston Art Collective will host a delicious and charitable evening of bountiful bowl buying and serious soup sipping known as the Empty Soup Bowl Supper.
Attendees can buy personalized ceramic bowls and fill them with soup, or simply buy a ceramic bowl and eat soup from a paper one.
Each bowl is crafted and decorated by a Lawrence student, and every dollar made from bowl sales will be given to a local soup kitchen.
This first-time fundraising event offers Lawrence students the chance to design their own clay bowls, purchase unique ceramic bowls filled with soup, and aid members of the Appleton community.
The coordinators of the Empty Soup Bowl Supper are senior Madeline Wermuth and junior Ben Kraemer.
Wermuth expressed ambitious enthusiasm for the project. “We hope to have around 100 hundred bowls to sell, which at $5 a bowl would generate $500 to give to the soup kitchen.”
She added excitedly, “And the soup is free!”
The supper will have two different kinds of soup ? one vegan ? both provided by the culinary masterminds at the McCarthy Co-op.
The Empty Soup Bowl Supper is the largest community service project undertaken by WAC to date, and it should serve to alert the student body to the creative presence of this relatively unfamiliar group.
WAC is a small campus group, yet one with a valuable mission statement. As president Gabby Prouty put it, “WAC aims to spread art around the Lawrence campus, both working on our own and collaborating with other groups.”
Prouty, a senior studio art major, brought the idea of the Empty Soup Bowl Supper to Lawrence from her high school.
Fearing that the club’s somewhat ambiguous name has kept students from recognizing its true purpose, WAC is currently in the process of changing their name to one that better expresses the all-inclusive, unassuming nature of the group.
WAC is open to non-art majors, and all are welcome to attend their meetings Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. in the lower-level 2D studio of the Wriston Art Center.
For students who are interested in making bowls, this weekend is the last chance to put those mad ceramic skills to use. The ceramics studio will be open from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Fri, April 6 through Sun., April 8.