How To: Dress for a reluctant Appleton spring

After what was, in my opinion, a very cold winter, we were all hoping for some relief come springtime. Sorry to disappoint everyone, but we didn’t get it. Even now, a few weeks after the official turning date of spring, the temperatures in our lovely city of Appleton rarely get above 45, if even that. So I have to ask: Why is everyone dressing like its 65 degrees and sunny out?

Now, for the sake of honesty I have to admit: Come spring break, I was one of those people who took home most of their cold weather clothes and came back with a very full bag of spring dresses, shorts and not very warm but stylish jackets. Foolish me, I was hoping that the first day of spring would actually mean that spring was starting. But I haven’t actually worn any of it yet! I’ve been very surprised by some of the outfits that have already appeared on campus, despite the still frigid temperatures.  The very first day back to class after spring break, I watched a girl run from Warch all the way to Main because it was 40 degrees out and she was wearing a short pink and white flowered skirt with a tank top and cardigan. While it was a cute outfit, I am still slightly confused about how she rationalized that outfit to herself that morning. That very same day I saw three separate guys walking around in pastel shorts with sandals and high socks on, which in my opinion is always a poor decision.

Now to the point, it is still possible to dress nicely and even spring-y while staying warm. I like to call this layering. It is more than possible to wear your cute spring skirt now, but I would seriously suggest throwing on some tights to go with it. It may not seem like such a big difference, but trust me; you’ll love those tights when you’re walking through the wind tunnel on campus. It is also really easy to make that cardigan a little warmer. Instead of just the cardigan throw on a cut cropped jacket to go with it. You will still be taking off the jacket in class, so you get the cute outfit, but outside you get a bit of a windbreaker, as well.

For the guys, if you have to wear your shorts even though it’s still cold out, throw on some real shoes! You will really be thanking me when the regular 40 degree downpour starts and you have to walk through some cold puddles. Maybe on top you can add a nice sweatshirt so I don’t get the chills every time I see one of you walking around in shorts and a tee shirt. You can even go the other way and choose the flip flops, but put on some long pants.

In the end, I think spring will be joining us soon. The cold is getting a little less bitter, and we mostly get rained on these days instead of snow. But until then, lets try to stay warm, LU.