Activities Fair exhibits diversity of interests

Isabel Hemley, For The Lawrentian

This past Friday, September 20th, if you wanted to find a Lawrentian, your best bet would have been in the Warch Campus Center on the second floor, where numerous students were buzzing around Lawrence’s annual Activities Fair. This fair took over the Esch/Hurvis rooms with tables manned by student leaders encouraging others to learn more about their organizations.
According to junior Sarah Gunby, who was running the table for the pre-med focused AMSA chapter, this fair is meant for freshman “to really be able to visualize all of the different activities at Lawrence, not just see them on a poster in residence halls.”
Alongside the freshman seeing all the organizations for the first time, there were also many upperclassmen running the tables and visiting tables, exploring more about everything Lawrence has to offer as well. As we all know now, there is plenty for all of us to explore.
There were students lining up to be sorted into their respective houses as a part of Lawrence University Magical Organization for Students (LUMOS), while others were equally excited to stop by the Habitat for Humanity table to get involved in the community outside of Lawrence. At the Habitat table, Matt Geleske ‘16 said, “As a part of Habitat, I feel the Activities Fair is an important event that helps raise awareness among students for certain issues, but it also helps them meet new people that share the same passions and interests as they do. They really get to learn about a ton of new things. Also, they get a lot of free candy.”
Whether students went to the Activities Fair to join discipline-focused organizations or just to get involved on campus, most students walked away with a lot more information about the Lawrence community and, hopefully, candy.