Athlete of the Week- Polly Dalton: Women’s Tennis

Polly (Medium)In singles competition this season, Polly Dalton has six wins and seven losses. In doubles play, she is 7-6 on the season. Last Saturday, the tennis team played UW-Riverside and Dalton, and her doubles partner, senior Gayatri Malhotra, won their match 8-1.

1) How do you prepare for a tennis match?

A sunrise rollerblade trek along the river.

2) What has been your proudest moment while playing tennis?

Any day where the team or myself come off the court with a smile on our face. A tennis match kindles many intense emotions, but if, even after a tough loss, you can recognize you played your game, I think you’ve truly won. What good is it to play if you don’t want to come back and give it another fight?

3) What is your favorite part of a match, and why?

Rapid fire doubles volleying action at the net! It is the epitome of a tennis athlete’s performance. There is no thinking, just the convergence of every practice and match you have ever experienced.

4) What are you trying to accomplish with the rest of your season?

Enjoying the incredible opportunity I have here at Lawrence to compete and play alongside a group of hard working and enthusiastic young ladies and gentlemen! After four years of playing collegiate tennis, I have discovered the role athletics and competition can have amidst my other passions. Also, after being just points away from a Grinnell win earlier this season, Gayatri (doubles partner) and I would like to avenge the loss and get a Grinnell win before we graduate!

5) If you had any super power, what would it be, and why?

Flying. It gives you a fresh perspective, and it is perhaps the most civil form of independent transportation!