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Staff Editorial: Looking at memes is not being informed

Soon after the White House announced the killing of Iran’s top military commander, Qassem Soleimani, the internet reacted in the only way it knows how — by making memes. Jokes about the upcoming World War III, being on missile duty “with the boys,” what music you would play when you drive a tank and ignoring


Freshman Class Representatives of LUCC 2019-2020 Hung Nguyen “Being in the LUCC is a great opportunity for me to represent various viewpoints from my peers and bring them to the discussion. The beauty of the LUCC is the diverse pool of people from various backgrounds. My first term being a part of the LUCC is

Staff Editorial: It’s not protest; it’s harassment

Over the past few weeks, Lawrence students crossing College Avenue have run the risk of being bombarded with grotesque images of “bloody and dismembered fetuses, with harsh slogans comparing Planned Parenthood to the Holocaust,” according to sophomore Dalton McLaughlin who participated in a recent counter-protest. The group that has organized this anti-abortion campaign has also

Staff Editorial: New CA operations challenge community-building initiatives

Returning students may have noticed a change at their residence halls. Resident Life Advisors (RLAs) have evolved into Community Advisors (CAs). Along with the name change, the way duty hours operate and how programs are defined have also been modified. While the name suggests that these new changes would create a better sense of community,

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