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The Ariel 2013-2021

The Ariel 2013-2021

This special edition of The Ariel was brought to you by the staff of The Lawrentian and members of the Lawrence University Community Council. For Mark Burstein, as he embarks upon his next adventure. Thank you for your leadership and your light. The Ariel 2013-2021 by The Lawrentian or follow this link to read it:

Special Edition of Faculty Q&A — Kevin Goggins

Kevin Goggins posing for a portrait in his Lawrence University Security Guard Jacket. Photo by Larissa Davis. Taken in April 2017. Do you have a favorite building? — Anonymous A favorite building I honestly could not select just one.  Possibly Main Hall — so much history is in that building.  Walking in it, the feeling

Faculty Q&A – Abhishek Chakraborty

Photo provided by Abhishek Chakraborty. What is your favorite class to teach? — Maggie Bice ‘22 Thanks for your question, Maggie. I hope you’re doing well. My favorite classes would be the ones where I can teach theory and show their applications using a programming software/app. In a nutshell, courses which involve data analysis. I