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Celebrate! 2001 another success, says Shrode

Andy Dolan Last weekend, many people noted what appeared to be reduced attendance at this year’s Celebrate! activities. Paul Shrode, Associate Dean of Students for Activities, noted that this was not the case. Shrode told The Lawrentian that there was an estimated increase in attendance of nearly 10,000 people from 10,000-15,000 during both the 1999

Newspaper program a good start, but problems exist

Cameron Kramlich On Monday our college took a major step in bursting the so-called “Lawrence Bubble” by populating residence halls newspaper racks with fresh copies of The New York Times, USA Today, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal and The Chicago Tribune. The knowledge gleaned from the daily reading of newspapers promotes the intelligent discourse that lies at

Remembering walleye

Michael O’Brien At sunup I clamber after my fatherinto the rusting pontoon, we cast a lineeach and the usual yellow litany of perchslowly emerges. These are easy; I namethem and he nods. The water seethes, time stops: a walleye,zombie-blind and gaping, has taken my hookand soon sulks in the pickle bucket. The hookI pocket for

Regal earns prestigious Hertz Fellowship

Ed Maxwell (Quinn Lake) Senior Cindy Regal recently won the coveted Hertz Fellowship for her work in physics. The fellowship exists to support the graduate education of students who have outstanding potential in the area of applied physical sciences. Through the Hertz Fellowship, she will receive $25,000 per year for five years to attend graduate

Forget economic gimicks; real change is neccesary

The other week I received a mass-forwarded e-mail concerning high gas price. I feel obligated now to call the campus’s attention to the contents of the e-mail in hopes of dismantling some of its misleading rhetoric.The e-mail offered a ludicrous solution to the gas-prices “problem” consumers are facing today. It reasoned that by boycotting the

Housing 2001

Wednesday, May 9, 12:00 noon Theme House applications due with contracts attached at the Housing Office in Raymond House. If all contracts are not attached, theme house will automatically be disqualified. Fraternity Rosters with housing contracts attached are due at Campus Services. No fraternity member will be allowed to take part in room selection unless

Accusations against Bush unjustified

Timothy Schmidt The author of last week’s letter-to-the-editor broadly disparaged President Bush, his cabinet, budget, policies, and even his daughter. While space prevents me from combating every disputable comment, I will refute what I can. The author states that Bush’s appointees are “industrial lobbyists” and “right-wing bully boys.” In fact, Bush chose well-qualified people who

Peer Educators defend project

Liz Campanellea, et al., Peer Educators The Lawrence University Counseling Services Peer Educators would like to thank the editorial board for inviting us to respond to their staff editorial (The Lawrentian, April 27). We are pleased that editorial staff members have accepted our invitation to meet with us during the practicum hour.The week of April

Burned course catalogs make obscure protest

Andy Dolan Burned course catalogs make obscure protest (Ryan Marx) Last week, a number of administrative offices and individuals on campus received what initially appeared to Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Steve Syverson to be an ominous, potentially threatening piece of mail via the campus delivery system. Inside plain, unmarked interdepartmental envelopes were burned