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Passionate conservatism bad for America

Dimitrije Kostic During the last 100 days, Bush has been the complacent patsy of the corporations and the dogmatic religious groups who procured his dubious mandate. He has shamelessly whitewashed wanton fiscal irresponsibility and swift decays in public interest laws with feel-good rhetoric.There was nothing bipartisan about his appointment of industry lobbyists (Gale Norton, Condoleezza

Sexual assault is a campus-wide concern

Tom Clowes The author(s) of last week’s staff editorial, “Publicity should strive to inform,” overlooked the value of the messages of the National Sexual Assault Awareness campaign. Sexual assault is a problem at Lawrence University. While the numbers of reported assaults are few, undoubtedly many, many more go unreported. Considering also the number of people

Traditional Japanese prints an intriguing aspect of the Lawrence private art collection

Rachel Hoerman Lawrence University’s private art cache, housed deep in the bowels of the Wriston Gallery, boasts a distinctive collection of Japanese prints from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The prints, many of which were originally part of Frank Lloyd Wright’s private collection and passed through the hands of George Banta before coming

Drug conviction question on FAFSA unfair, ineffective

Staff Editorial Most Lawrence students rely on the federal grants and loans received from filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form. Without this financial aid, many students would not be able to afford a college education. But last week, President Bush decided to enforce a federal law which states that any

Lecturer discusses Buddhism, problems of archeology in China

Jeff Peyton The last Archaeological Institute of America lecture of the year, titled “Silk Road and Diamond Path: The Archeology of Buddhism in Tibet” was delivered by professor Mark Aldenderfer, the first western archeologist the Chinese government has allowed to participate in field work in Tibet.Before turning to Tibetan Buddhism, the majority of Aldenderfer’s field

Cabaret article misleading

Tetteh Otuteye In the April 20 edition of The Lawrentian, an article entitled “Lawrence International to host 25th annual Cabaret” was featured. In it, the author accurately stated that “Tickets to LI’s big event cost more than those for their smaller events.” This fact was, however, painted the color of greed by the author, who

Electrical fire at Hanger’s Cleaners

Benjamin Schwartz Firefighters attend to the sign that caused the small electrical fire at Hanger’s Cleaners on Wednesday night. (Ryan Marx) At approximately 10:30 p.m. this past Wednesday night, an electrical fire broke out in a sign above Hanger’s Cleaners, located at 311 E. College Avenue, next to Taste of Thai and the Lawrentian offices.

Bramm takes issue with cabinet

Jeff Peyton A proposal for changes in the LUCC constitution regarding the cabinet selection process was tabled to the steering committee for review in a March 8 meeting of the general council. Penned by Residence Life Committee member Adam Bramm, the proposal was cosigned by four other members of the general council and is intended