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Lecturer discusses Buddhism, problems of archeology in China

Jeff Peyton The last Archaeological Institute of America lecture of the year, titled “Silk Road and Diamond Path: The Archeology of Buddhism in Tibet” was delivered by professor Mark Aldenderfer, the first western archeologist the Chinese government has allowed to participate in field work in Tibet.Before turning to Tibetan Buddhism, the majority of Aldenderfer’s field

Cabaret article misleading

Tetteh Otuteye In the April 20 edition of The Lawrentian, an article entitled “Lawrence International to host 25th annual Cabaret” was featured. In it, the author accurately stated that “Tickets to LI’s big event cost more than those for their smaller events.” This fact was, however, painted the color of greed by the author, who

Electrical fire at Hanger’s Cleaners

Benjamin Schwartz Firefighters attend to the sign that caused the small electrical fire at Hanger’s Cleaners on Wednesday night. (Ryan Marx) At approximately 10:30 p.m. this past Wednesday night, an electrical fire broke out in a sign above Hanger’s Cleaners, located at 311 E. College Avenue, next to Taste of Thai and the Lawrentian offices.

First hundred days a success

Ryan Tierney Bush’s first hundred days are nearing an end this weekend, and as we look back to those first hundred days we can confidently sum up Bush’s administration in one word, bi-partisanship. During the first hundred days of his presidency Bush has met more times with the opposing party than any president in recent

“Third Wave” feminism comes to Lawrence

Bonnie Tilland The co-authors of the critically acclaimed book MANIFESTA: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future came to Wriston Auditorium on Monday to discuss Third Wave Feminism. Jennifer Baumgardner (Lawrence class of ’92) and Amy Richards met each other as interns at “Ms. Magazine,” and since then they have been active in spreading this “new

National fraternities send reps. to Lawrence

Allison Augustyn Proposed changes include razing this section of the Quad and Hulbert House (Andrew Karre) Representatives from the Board of Trustees and national representatives from the fraternities of Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Beta Theta Pi, and Phi Delta Theta met on Wednesday, April 26 to discuss the future of the fraternity system

Free trade provokes concerns

Dom Yarnell As clouds of tear gas drifted through the streets, thousands of police equipped with riot gear and surrounded by a 3-meter high chain link fence stood guard. In addition to their shields, batons, and gas masks, police used water cannons and guns armed with rubber bullets and laser sights in order to keep

Two-decade-old Crandon Mine controversey continues

Wes Miska The LU Geology Department hosted two activist speakers who presented their views on the hotly debated issue of mining in Crandon, Wis. for a public panel discussion held in the Wriston auditorium on April 12. The speakers included Kenneth Fish, director of the Menominee Treaty Rights and Mining Impacts Office and John J.

April 19 LUCC Meeting

Ryan Young LUCC’s April 19 meeting was called to order at approximately 4:50 p.m. The committee debated many issues, including the allocation of $1,832 to various campus groups and a vote that made some small houses non-smoking.Before the meeting’s cash allocations, the general fund stood at $26,348.52. MCAC received $1,000 for a speaker they are

Publicity should strive to inform

“Awareness” activities on campus have reached new heights in terms of sheer volume and visibility. It seems that it’s constantly national-this month, or remember-that day, or put-a-stop-to-something week. No matter where you go on campus, there is a steady barrage of one group or another insisting that you care about and take notice of their