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Staff Editorial: Reconsidering Lawrence’s credit system

One typical six credit course at Lawrence is expected to entail 3.3 semester hours of lecture time a week. However, some six unit classes have a significantly higher number of semester hours. These classes that require more hours spent in class or time dedicated to a specific skill should be reflected in either additional credit

Staff Editorial: What we can learn from legal pot in Illinois

As of the beginning of 2020, the use of recreational cannabis is now legal in Illinois, following the lead of 10 other states. Lawmakers in Illinois made the bold move to begin expunging the criminal records of up to 800,000 individuals arrested for the purchase or possession of less than 30 grams of cannabis, according

Staff Editorial: Building a stronger community at LU

Lawrence is a university that prides itself on a small, tight-knit community. One key selling point by the admissions team is the small class sizes that allow students to build more meaningful relationships with each other and their professors. Outside the classroom, events like the annual President’s Ball, Greek Week and LUaroo bring large groups

Staff Editorial: Looking at memes is not being informed

Soon after the White House announced the killing of Iran’s top military commander, Qassem Soleimani, the internet reacted in the only way it knows how — by making memes. Jokes about the upcoming World War III, being on missile duty “with the boys,” what music you would play when you drive a tank and ignoring


Freshman Class Representatives of LUCC 2019-2020 Hung Nguyen “Being in the LUCC is a great opportunity for me to represent various viewpoints from my peers and bring them to the discussion. The beauty of the LUCC is the diverse pool of people from various backgrounds. My first term being a part of the LUCC is