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Dartmouth College shuts down fraternity for ‘sex papers’

Alice Gomstyn (The Darmouth) (U-WIRE) HANOVER, N.H—Last Friday afternoon, the college announced its official derecognition of Zeta Psi fraternity effective immediately.“As of today, Zeta Psi fraternity at Dartmouth no longer exists,” Dean of the College James Larimore told The Dartmouth. The decision to shut down Zeta Psi follows the exposing of internal newsletters, produced by

LU alum Arnosti discusses new progress in genetics

Chris Chan On Monday, May 14, Professor David Arnosti delivered a Science Hall Colloquium lecture entitled “The Human Genome Project: Lewis and Clark, or the Closing of a Frontier?” to a packed auditorium.Arnosti is a Lawrence graduate (‘82) who teaches in the biochemistry department at Michigan State University. He also directs a focus group on

Union Retail Director to leave for classroom

Cameron Kramlich Maureen Doyen will leave Lawrence University on June 18th to pursue a career in teaching at local public schools. After taking the summer off, Maureen will begin substitute teaching at the middle school level this fall. She characterizes this decision as, “a transitional process that has happened over the last couple of years.”

Toxic mold: a growing problem

Tom Kilian Stachybotrys chartarum. It sounds strangely exotic, if not charming. Yet, in 1994, Cleveland residents began to have doubts about its exoticism when the deaths of sixteen babies, in their hometown, were associated with this greenish-black mold. Years later, a Wisconsin man questioned its charm right about the time he started bleeding from his

Finance committee faces perennial budget shortfall

Jeff Peyton During the final weeks of third term, LUCC’s finance committee is saddled with the task of allocating funds to student organizations for the following academic year. Because requests typically exceed available funds—last year $230,000 was asked of a $147,000 budget—the committee has its work cut out for it. This year, similar overwhelming requests

Lawrence barbershop quartet returns to international competition

Devin Burke Most Lawrentians are probably unaware that Lawrence University was a barbershop quartet stronghold. Consider yourself informed. During the past five years, Lawrence has sent five collegiate barbershop quartets to compete at the international level, one of those a first-place winner. This year’s quartet continues the tradition.The barbershop quartet known as “Reflection” will compete

Armacanqui-Tipacti appeals tenure recommendation

Lance Benzel Dissatisfied with the methods used to evaluate her application for tenure, Professor of Spanish Elia Armacanqui-Tipacti pursued a formal appeal this month to overturn the negative review she received late last December from the Committee for Tenure, Promotion, Reappointment, and Equal Employment Opportunity. The appeal will be the last chance for Armacanqui-Tipacti to

Ormsby continues Zoo Day tradition

Lindsay Moore While many Americans see the 19th of May as Armed Forces Day, Lawrentians will be taking the time out to celebrate the Ormsby Hall sponsored “Zoo Day: 2001.” An annual tradition, “Zoo Day” began approximately two decades ago and flourished until the early 90s when, for an unknown reason, officials put an end

Lawrentian acquires original fraternity housing contract

Allison Augustyn This is the 1941 contract between Lawrence and the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, regarding the construction of the fraternity quadrangle. The Lawrentian obtained the contract late on Wednesday from John Hein, legal counsel for the five fraternities. (Phi Kappa Tau joined under Hein’s representation as of May 1, 2001). Included with this document

Vikings of the Week

Valerie CurtisTrack and Field Valerie Curtis won the first conference title of her career this past weekend at the MWC Championships at Grinnell. Curtis ran to victory in the 5,000 meters in a time of 18:49.08 seconds, beating St. Norbert College’s Julie Deyo by less than two seconds. Curtis led the women’s team to a