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School lunches should be free

This week a school district in Rhode Island caught national attention by announcing that students who have outstanding school lunch balances would be denied a hot meal and any choice for one. Instead, any student who has more than $25 in student lunch debt at Warwick Public schools will be given a sunflower butter and

#ToxicMasculinityLU: Where to begin?

Australian sociologist R.W. Connell wrote in her book “Southern Theory” about a concept she calls “hegemonic masculinity.” This idea acknowledges that there are various definitions of masculinity. One version of masculinity reigns over all other versions as well as oppresses and dominates people of all genders. In 2005, this dominant masculinity picked up the more

“How could this happen?”

This article contains content about mass shootings and terrorism. Anyone with access to the internet could open their phones or laptops Monday morning, open Facebook and see the headlines, all saying something along the lines of: “50 Dead, 200 Injured in Deadliest Shooting in Modern U.S. History.” Since initial reports, these numbers have increased to