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Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra’s “Visions of Grandeur”

Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra’s “Visions of Grandeur”

LSO stands as they are applauded in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel. Photo by Taylor Blackson Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra (LSO) held their concert, “Visions of Grandeur,” on Sunday, Oct. 8 in the Lawrence University Memorial Chapel. This was the orchestra’s first performance since the start of the 2017-18 academic year. Conducted by Assistant Professor of

Second annual ImprovisationaLU delights audiences

ImprovisationaLU event in Esch-Hurvis Studio. Photo by Angelica Hurtado Friday, Sept. 29 and Saturday, Sept. 30 marked an exciting weekend for Lawrence. This past weekend was the second annual ImprovisationaLU, Lawrence University’s Festival of Improvised Art. Last year, this festival was one of my favorite events, so I was extremely glad to see that it

Sydia Reyes gives inspiring lecture to Spanish students

On Tuesday, Sept. 19, artist Sydia Reyes gave a lecture titled “Art as Urban Transcendence.” Reyes is a distinguished artist and sculptor from Caracas, Venezuela. Her works focus on political, ecological and societal complications that leave an impact on all viewers, but are especially relevant to urban life around the world. Located in the Wriston

LU Live reacquaints students with university music scene

B. Lilly performs during LU Live. Photo by Taylor Blackson On Friday, Sept. 15, five bands competed for a cash prize at the LU Live event in Esch-Hurvis Studio. The event took place right after the Activities Fair, as newly arrived Lawrentians were welcomed to campus for the year. The acts competed for 500 dollars

Gamelan concert creates lively atmosphere

Gamelan performs in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel. Photo by Hikari Mine.   On Sunday, May 21, the final Balinese Gamelan Concert of the year took place in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel. Two gamelan groups performed that afternoon: the Gamelan Sekar Kemuda group, which is open to members of the Appleton community, and the Gamelan Cahaya

Midwestern bands perform at The Draw for Spring Carnival

  As a part of the Event Planning and Organizing Committee (EPOC)’s Spring Carnival, and through a special collaboration with Band Booking Committee (BBC), a few bands played at The Draw on Thursday, May 11. The Draw is a small off-campus venue that often houses the art and music of Lawrence students and faculty. Three

André de Quadros gives guest lecture on arts in the global community

André de Quadros speaks in Harper Hall. Photo by Taylor Blackson. On Monday, May 8, the multi-talented André de Quadros held a guest lecture in Harper Hall, entitled, “Music, Peace, and Justice: Projects and Challenges.” A conductor, ethnomusicologist, human rights editor and Professor of Music at Boston University, de Quadros flew in from Australia the

Russian Folk Orchestra presents memorable performance

University of Wisconsin Russian Folk Orchestra onstage in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel. Photo by Taylor Blackson. During the afternoon on Saturday, April 29, Lawrence Memorial Chapel was seemingly transported to a different country as the University of Wisconsin Russian Folk Orchestra performed. The orchestra was conducted by its Music Director and Founder, Victor Gorodinsky and

LUSO and Choirs present Handel’s “Messiah”

Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra and Lawrence University Choirs in Memorial Chapel. Photo by Angelica Hurtado. On Friday April 21, Lawrence Memorial Chapel was swarming with concertgoers. Visitors, students and faculty flocked to the event to witness Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra (LUSO) and Lawrence University Choirs perform the famous piece, “Messiah.” This extremely long and daunting