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Artist Spotlight: Joey Belonger

Artist Spotlight: Joey Belonger

Many artists have a single form of expression. The prose writer has a political agenda to attend to, the oil painter has gender tropes to subvert, etc. This is all quite admirable, yet it is especially impressive when an artist cannot be pinned down by any one impulse or art form. Senior Joey Belonger is

Artist Spotlight: Dylan Richardson

The bassoon is an unwieldy instrument. It is one of the largest of the woodwind instruments, standing awkwardly tall within a family of more petite instruments. The fingering is wild and complicated, often demanding the use of more phalanges than the average human possesses. The left thumb by itself has nine keys to press down.

Photo by Nathan Lawrence

The Artist Spotlight: Sadie Lancrete

How does one sum up someone like senior Sadie Lancrete? This series tends to highlight people whose enthusiasm zeroes in on one craft, but Lancrete does not subscribe to that kind of life. As a theatre and studio art double major with far-reaching extracurricular interests, Lancrete’s artistic pursuits must each be given their deserved amount

Artist Spotlight: Kirsten O’Donnell

Many people say that they “want to do it all,” but few actually define “it” for themselves and end up losing sight of their goals by overreaching. Senior Kirsten O’Donnell, however, knows exactly what “it” is. A vocal performance major with an emphasis in theatre, O’Donnell seeks the height of her potential simultaneously through two