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Artist Spotlight: Nathan Lawrence

Artist Spotlight: Nathan Lawrence

A film or a photograph is often judged by its subject matter. Yet there are underlying reasons for the quality of these works, namely, in their structure. A good photographer can turn the mundane into the dramatic; a good cinematographer can compel the viewer through a weak plot. These people who organize the framework and

Artist Spotlight: Linnea Garcia

Getting your work published is a difficult task. Getting it self-published is even harder. But that hasn’t deterred senior Linnea Garcia, who has just released her first novel “The Healing Pool.” You have to work hard to stand out in the literary field, but Garcia demonstrates that perseverance through marketing and confidence in one’s writing

The Artist Spotlight: Gintu Kottarathil

Dance offers a rich illustration of one’s culture, spirituality, sense of expression and passion. While understated academically at Lawrence, students certainly do their best to study and practice dance in their extracurricular work, observed in such groups as Massive Movement, LU Shakti and Danza Mexica. One of the student body’s proudest dance traditions, Cabaret, will be having its

Artist Spotlight: Jon Stombres

For Jon Stombres ’14, voice performance and choral/general music education double major, the silly old adage “Those who cannot do, teach” holds little weight. He believes in the tandem value of doing and teaching. While it is an admirable thing to make effective use of one’s skills and knowledge, it is just as admirable to

The Artist Spotlight: Sarah Jane Rennick

In a post-MTV world, the music video has become an art unto itself. It is an essential part of the production process, important both as a way to represent the music and as a way to broaden its appeal emotionally, intellectually and artistically. The effect is less narrative-focused than film, but more visceral and striking

Elmer Rice’s “Street Scene” explores emotions and problems of daily life

Thursday, Feb. 20, through Saturday, Feb. 22, Lawrence University put on four performances of Elmer Rice’s Pulitzer-winning play “Street Scene.” A cast and crew of over fifty students developed this adaptation under the careful direction of Professor Kathy Privatt, with costume design by Kärin Kopischke. To thank each and every individual involved, including a cairn