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The Artist Spotlight: Dan O’Connor

While the organ is an imperative instrument in musical history and in the musical world in general, it can be a hard sell to the casual listener. The organ is often identified with stereotypes of Catholic churches and Dracula’s castle. But organs are a wonderful and gorgeous piece of musical machinery, and fifth-year Dan O’Connor hopes

McCarthy’s “Sunset Limited” explores questions of existence

Famed amazing crazy person Cormac McCarthy, author of “Blood Meridian,” “The Road” and “No Country for Old Men,” finds no worth in literature that does not explore issues of life and death. Richard B. Woodward once described him as “a writer who renders the brutal actions of men in excruciating detail, seldom applying the anesthetic of

Photo by Mathias Reed

Senior Project: Cawley and Stein’s “The Dumb Waiter”

On the weekend of the 25th in the Underground Theater, Lawrence students Matt Cawley and Steven Stein thrice performed Harold Pinter’s one-act play “The Dumb Waiter” for their senior project. “After considering many possibilities, I settled on Harold Pinter because of his unique style,” explained Cawley. “Pinter is characterized by long pauses, awkward moments and an