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Album Review: “Solitary Company” by Son Of The Velvet Rat

Music aficionados love nothing more than to brag about unknown groups they enjoy in no small part because of the credibility that comes from having obscure taste. Just about everyone has at least one friend who loves to complain that they liked bands “before they were cool,” and distance themselves from those groups once they

Student Recital: Hannah Baron

Senior Hannah Baron performed her recital on Monday, May 10 in Harper Hall. Photo provided by Hannah Baron. Like many other Lawrence Conservatory students in March 2020, Hannah Baron was preparing for her upcoming recital during the spring term when the COVID-19 pandemic upended her plans. Having been sent home, Baron chose to put her

Album Review: Liquidator by The Harry J Allstars

Socially conscious lyrics are one of the hallmarks of reggae. Of course, reggae artists cover a broad variety of subjects with their songs, from love to religion. Some may simply aim to convey generally optimistic vibes to their audience. However, artists like the legendary Bob Marley, Burning Spear or Peter Tosh helped advance reggae beyond

Album Review: Giants in the Trees

What do you do after you’ve peaked? The idea of reaching your zenith in life prematurely and having nowhere to go but down is a terrifying thought. In the musical realm, many artists feel this fear acutely when releasing follow-ups to hit records. Can they maintain the momentum from their first hit and stay relevant,

Album Review: Above

There are few places on Earth par- alleled in their perpetual gloom than Seattle, Washington. As a native of the city, I never fully appreciated the somber atmosphere, the frequent overcast skies and rainy days created until I moved away to sunnier climes. Sequestered in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle’s music scene in the 1980s flourished