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Baseball, softball final games

The Lawrence Softball team ended their season on May 1 after playing a doubleheader against Illinois College and played their final home games in a doubleheader against Lake Forest the day before. The Vikings went into the weekend in a tight race for the final spot in the Midwest Conference tournament with Cornell College and

UFC’s Big Problem

UFC 200 is scheduled for July 9, and it has been well-known that the UFC has been wanting to make it their biggest fight card in history. Originally, it was rumored that they wanted to have Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey fight in a rematch in the card’s main event. This would have been without

NBA Championships

The NBA playoffs have started, which means we are that much closer to finally being able to watch the Spurs and Warriors compete for the NBA title. So what if technically that would be the Western Conference Finals? Everyone knows those are the two best teams in the league. It is hard to remember an

March Madness ends with historic bang

And just like that, the most exciting time of the sports year is over. Another March Madness has come and gone, and while I feel like we might say this every year, this time I actually believe it: This was one of the best tournaments of all time. There were major upsets, thrilling finishes, incredible

NBA trade deadline passes without controversy

Well, that was a letdown. The NBA trade deadline passed last Thursday and many expected big names and star players to be wearing different uniforms by the end of it. Given how exciting last year’s deadline was with close to 40 moves, many were excited for this one to produce similar results. But by the