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Lore-ence: Experiment in the Commons

The following story is satire. All events and characters are fictional. Research Methods I in the psychology department is making its 2020 debut this winter. In this class, students are required to form groups to further their goals in the class. In these groups, students devise a research question, then a hypothesis and finally an

Lore-ence: “Airbnb to fund Lawrentians’ dreams”

The following story is satire. All events and characters are fictional. In recent years, Lawrence University has bought an alarming number of cardboard cutouts. From President Burstein to Papa Smurf, there are cardboard cutouts all over campus. This has become increasingly unsustainable. Lawrence is struggling to keep up with the costs and the demand, especially

Lore-ence: Secret Menu

Everyone who frequents the Café knows that the options eventually get tiresome. One can only do so many build-a-bowl options before their palate screams for something new. And ever since Lawrence implemented a “no outside food on campus” rule, Bon Appetit has become king. One can only dream of Toppers pizza or Taste of Thai.

Lore-ence: Senior Mayhem Day

With only one week left before finals, Lawrence students are buzzing with excitement. At the peak of excitement are this year’s graduating class as they prepare to move forward with their lives. There are many celebrations and traditions that happen during the term before the big farewell and Lawrence University, as an ever-evolving school, is