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Thoughts on group housing

Consider for a moment what the layout of our campus would look like if the group houses were selected by our administrators and deans rather than the students. This is a theoretical exercise. Group living has been placed more firmly in the hands of the student body than ever, a decision that has its own

Review of the MARS dinner from someone who actually attended

Several weeks ago, Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault (MARS) held a dinner and public speaking event that featured several speakers, informational videos and small group discussions about masculinity. While the event generated controversy, it seems like the solution to our endemic sexual assault numbers has evaded everyone, MARS supporters and critics alike. A very

Glorification of white-on-white crime

Several weeks ago, a massive shootout between rival gangs erupted in a restaurant in Waco, Texas, which left nine people dead and several dozen more injured. Following the shootout, nearly 200 people from rival gangs were arrested. The way that the media covered the Waco shootout is remarkably more sympathetic to the perpetrators of the

Discussing politics with prudence

The September 11 terrorist attacks marked the first point that I became interested in politics. My teachers at school had us read Time for Kids each Friday afternoon, which included accounts of the attacks. I tuned in to Nick News with Linda Ellerbee each week. I was not much of an athlete, and while other

Placing a student on the Board of Trustees

Most institutions of higher education are structured with shared governance between its students, faculty and trustees. At Lawrence, students participate through Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC). The faculty oversees hiring and various aspects of the curriculum. The Board of Trustees has jurisdiction over everything else. There is communication between the faculty and the trustees, and