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Player’s Perspective: Dylan McMurray

Being in high school sucks. It is a point in life for self-discovery whilst also feeling like everyone is judging you for trying to discover that self. For sophomore neuroscience major Dylan McMurray, he felt disconnected at times with his high school peers. During that time, he discovered the video game “Life is Strange.”  “When

Player’s Perspective: Joseph Wetzel

Imagine being 11 years old again. The world was a very different place back then. There was still so much to see, to explore, to understand about the world around you. For senior linguistic anthropology major Joseph Wetzel, a moment came at this age where his father entrusted him with “Neverwinter Nights” (BioWare, 2002). Wetzel

Player’s Perspective: Ben Schaffzin

Previously called “What A Game!,” this column seeks to engage individuals and hear their stories of how games have impacted them as well as their views of the culture, community, content and controversy within gaming. The video gaming industry has fallen victim to a great number of corporate practices plaguing other industries. The “realistic” remakes