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Work It: The Lawrentian Editorial Board

This week, I interviewed the students who give you The Lawrentian every week for your reading pleasure. The Lawrentian Editorial Board makes sure articles are turned in on time by the writers every Wednesday. They then meet in Warch’s fourth floor computer lab from 5 to 10 p.m. for a communal layout session where they

Work It: Student Tour Guides

Student tour guides are the first student interactions prospective students have at Lawrence. They must go through a paid training session where they have to learn all the buildings on campus and be able to share some experiences or fact about each one. The training entails reading the tour guide manual to learn fun, unknown

Work It: Bon Appetit

Freshman Quinn Giglio. Photo by Anton Zemba. This week I wanted to investigate why Bon Appétit has such a tight community of workers. I learned that the Andrew Commons is composed of two parts. There is the front house where workers serve, prep and clean up, and there is a back house where students wash

Work It: Scene Shop

Sophomore Oscar Brautigam. Photo by Anton Zemba This column is dedicated to all student workers at Lawrence. There are many opportunities to make money as well as gain experience. Each week, I will feature different jobs on campus and ask participants to describe what they are passionate about.   Students may not know that being

Hidden Figures: Shaniqua Crawford

New Title IX Coordinator Shaniqua Brown. Photo by Anton Zemba. This week’s hidden figure is excited and happy to be a part of the campus community. She has completed her first week and is looking forward to meeting more students, faculty and staff. Although Shaniqua Crawford, the new Title IX Coordinator, was featured in last

Hidden Figures: Claire Kervin

Visiting Professor of Freshman Studies, Claire Kervin. Photo by Anton Zemba. This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Claire Kervin, a Visiting Professor of Freshman Studies. This is her third academic year. She moved from Boston in 2016 with her husband Graham Sazama, an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. She completed her undergraduate education at

Hidden Figures: Krystal Light

This week’s hidden figure is a Staff Counselor in the Buchanan Kiewit Wellness Center. She talks with students one-on-one about anything under the sun, like depression, anxiety, stress, family and interpersonal traumas. Her name is Krystal Light. I’m not kidding. Prior to Lawrence, Light worked in outpatient mental health and with children in foster care.

Hidden Figures: Chris Krepline

New Head Baseball Coach Chris Krepline. Photo by Anton Zemba. The Men’s Baseball Team has a new head baseball coach. He is not very visible to campus yet since he travels between his office in the Alexander Gym and Mishicot. Yet, when you have a chance to meet him, he is one of the kindest

Hidden Figures: Bonny Sucherman

RHD Bonny Sucherman. Photo by Caroline Garrow. Residence Hall Directors are there to provide students with a fun and engaging college experience within their residence halls. They plan different activities to help students get to know each other and take a break from homework. They also ensure that Lawrence is a home away from home.

Hidden Figures: Lindsay Khel

Lindsay Kehl in her office. Photo by David Baldwin. I have worked on campus for four years, and I realize that I could not have had the job opportunities I have had without the help of Human Resources. I also would not have the same every day interactions with the faculty and staff that make