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Hidden Figures: Nyanna Dixon

This week’s hidden figure is new to campus but is eager and excited to make her presence known. She can be seen in Trever Hall, the Exec Buildings and the Campus Life Office. She hopes to make changes at Lawrence to make the campus a better place for students. Please give a warm welcome to

Hidden Figures: Elliot Ratzman

Elliot Ratzman in his office. Photo by Nidi Garcia. Lately I have been thinking about the diversity at Lawrence and how we celebrate each other as a community. I especially would like to highlight the Jewish spiritual lives on campus. This week’s Hidden Figure is a man of many interests and is dedicated to teaching

Hidden Figures: Jesus Smith

Professor Jesus Smith. Photo by Julia Balestri. Ethnic Studies is a new interdisciplinary major on campus that was requested last spring and will be in full swing next fall. Ethnic Studies courses include Intro, Theories, Methods and Senior Seminar. This week’s hidden figure is passionate, energetic and eager to introduce students to Ethnic Studies. Jesus

Hidden Figures: Ken Anselment

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Ken Anselment. Photo by Taylor Blackson. This week’s hidden figure is someone who is hidden away in the admissions office but makes an appearance in the beginning and the end of our time at Lawrence. When I walked into his office with my trusty photographer, he was burning sweet

Hidden Figures: Kimberly Jones

Title IX Coordinator Kimberly Jones. Photo by Billy Liu. At Lawrence, we often do not think about the reality of sexual assault and misconduct on campus. We are aware that Title IX is taken seriously to establish the ability of students to thrive together. Yet, we may not be aware that there is a Title

Hidden Figures of Lawrence: Steven Armstrong

This column is devoted to highlighting staff members that play a huge role in the everyday experiences of the Lawrence community. The goal is to focus on the “Hidden Figures” of Lawrence University and their interests both within, and outside of Lawrence.   Remember the chain email incident that happened a couple weeks ago? I