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Unusual Sports: Calcio Storico — a vicious sport of papal origins

Calcio Storico is a very popular sport for the Italians, an ancient game dating back to the 15th century. Unlike most sports, though, it only takes place in Florence, Italy. You also must be born in Florence to compete in it. There are four teams, each representing Florence’s original historical neighborhoods: Santa Maria Novella (Reds),

Extreme Ironing: An exhausting allowance

                  Let’s face it, no one likes to do their laundry. Why spend precious minutes on trying to de-wrinkle your shirt? Well, if this activity hasn’t piqued your interest in the past, check again! If you are an adrenaline junkie and love to multitask, then you may

Unusual Sports: The art of Cheese-Wheeling

This sport emerged sometime in the 1800’s; the exact location and time is still unknown. Some say that it first originated from “Coopers Hill,” a fort in the ancient Roman empire. It was said that had an affinity for sending objects hurling down a hill — how that turned into Cheese-Wheeling, that is also unknown.

Unusual Sports: How “wife-carrying” has its contestants piggy-backing to victory

In today’s world, dominated by technology, we rely heavily on sports for entertainment; classic national sports like football, baseball, and so on dominate in attention and revenue. But what about the sports that aren’t always showcased on a Sunday afternoon? Sports derive from different cultures trying to showcase pride and glory for one’s country, and

Kortenhof dominant at MCCs

Track star and senior Joe Kortenhof took first place in two events at the Midwest Conference Championship this past weekend. We sat down with Kortenhof to discuss how he achieved such a success, as well as with Head Coach Jason Fast to get his perspective on how Kortenhof came to be victorious. Kelli Quick: Not