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The Specht Pages: Excellence and Prophesy

The Specht Pages: Excellence and Prophesy

Ever since this fine column was thrust into alliance with Lawrence University’s The Lawrentian back in September of 2012, Specht Pages has provided the student newspaper with a refreshing view of campus and student life. We have made numerous suggestions for improving the institution which we all love, provided world-class reporting, shared recipes, published interviews,

Specht Pages: The Housing Solution

As you may have already heard, it is likely that all of the Union Street houses and Greenfire (which amount to a total of six houses) will need to be vacated by 2016. You may wonder how the university will handle this with an ever-expanding student body. Will we need to end our tradition of

Specht Pages: In Other News…

Hello and welcome to Specht Pages: The true and supreme voice of Lawrence University. In this issue, we have three big announcements: The first annual Specht Pages Golden Ticket Hunt—note: this is just a name, the tickets are not actually golden—has begun this week; Specht Pages founder and chief executive Kevin Specht will begin holding

Specht Pages: Join the Specht Pages team

I, Kevin Specht, will not be at Lawrence University forever. I’m in my third year out of four, so I still have some time to go. But I want to think of the future. I want to make sure that the Specht Pages can be part of the Lawrence experience long after I’m gone. In