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Promising Young Woman, 2020, directed by Emerald Fennell — 2/5 Stars  Content Warning: Promising Young Woman addresses difficult themes including, rape, assault and abuse.  Promising Young Woman is nothing if not divisive and thought-provoking. Emerald Fennel’s 2020 Oscar-winning directorial debut has divided critics and casual movie fans alike, sparking a conversation around sexual trauma in

Student Recital: Alex Lewis

Junior Alex Lewis performed his cello concert on Saturday, April 24 in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel. Photo by Alana Melvin. Junior Alex Lewis’s cello recital was on Saturday, April 24. Hosted both in person in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel and streamed online, Lewis says the recital was the most important part of his school year

Cabaret “soars” in this year’s brand new virtual format

Lawrence International’s Cabaret event featured pre-recoreded video submissions from students. Photo by Pei Robins On Saturday, Apr. 17, Lawrence International (LI) hosted their annual Cabaret event, this year subtitled “Flying Higher than Ever.” Anticipating continued COVID-19 restrictions the following spring, the LI board began planning their yearly show after they were forced to cancel 2020’s

Movies, Movies, Movies

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, 2021, directed by Zack Snyder  – 2.5/5 Stars  Zack Snyder’s Justice League, divorced from its actual content, is a fascinating cultural event. When Snyder had to step down from directing the original theatrical cut of Justice League in 2017, Joss Whedon, known for his work on the Avengers series, stepped in

Movies, Movies, Movies

Godzilla Vs. Kong, 2021, directed by Adam Wingard – 3.5/5 Stars Warner Brothers’ recent monster films, members of the “Monsterverse” as they are called, are difficult to assess with the usual filmmaking criteria. These bom- bastic, ridiculous romps have little to offer in terms of an emotional core or narrative arc, but somehow successfully work

Movies, Movies, Movies

“Nomadland,” 2021, directed by Chloé Zhao – 4.5/5 stars  In the hands of a different director, “Nomadland” could have been very boring. On paper, the film is uneventful and slowly meanders from one depressing set piece to another. “Nomadland” isn’t boring, though, nor does it revel too long in its misery. Thanks to beautiful cinematography,