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Masking boredom

Have you ever sat down to write an essay or finally get that assignment done and really could not be bothered to do it with your full attention? Congratulations. You are a normal college student. We all generally accept that there will be classes that we just care less about than others. There will also


“You’re not really trans.” “Yeah, but not all trans people experience dysphoria.” “Some trans people really need surgery.”  “Trans means going from one sex to another.” I’ve heard these things from people I know who know I’m trans and who seem to think they know better than me. They seem to think they have some

What? How? Where?

A few weeks ago, while walking through Briggs Hall, I saw a poster for a trans support group.  I was really excited because I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to hang out with other trans people and talk about our unique struggles. I contacted the listed leaders all pumped up, only