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Hong Kong  The ongoing protests in Hong Kong have continued to rage and, according to police, have put the country in a state of almost total collapse. Recently, a new round of protests erupted near the University of Hong Kong campus. Over 1,000 protesters set up barricades and clashed with police, resulting in tear gas

Greenfire welcomes Citizens Climate Lobby to campus

On Oct. 23, Lawrence University and the student organization Greenfire welcomed Dan Duffin from the organization Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL). He gave a small talk on climate change, what his organization is doing to help combat it and some strategies that everyday citizens can use to try and assist. CCL is a nonpartisan, international organization

World News

Bolivia  Bolivia is seeing mounting anger in the light of a recent election. Under the Bolivian electoral system, if the winner is ahead by 10 points under a quick vote count, they automatically win. If the margin is less than 10 points, there is a run-off election in December, where only the first and second

Classics department holds annual Coin Petting Zoo

On Tuesday, Oct. 15, the Lawrence University classics department hosted the Ancient Coin Petting Zoo. Put together by Assistant Professor of Classics Adriana Brook; Assistant Professor of Art History, Curator of the Wriston Art Center Galleries and Museum Studies Interdisciplinary Area Program Director Beth Zinsli; and a half dozen classics students, it was located in

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Bangladesh  Abrar Fahad, a 21-year-old Bangladeshi student, was recently killed and is sparking protests by students across the country. His a occurred several days after posting comments criticizing the country’s government. The government’s ruling party, the Awami League, has a wing for students called the Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) that has been criticized for controlling

Center for Career, Life, and Community Engagement invites companies to campus for Career Fair

On Thursday, Sept. 26, Lawrence University hosted a career fair where over 25 companies came to give their pitches and make connections with college students. The companies involved included everything from tiny, 15-person startups to massive 40,000 strong companies like Johnson Company, which makes almost all of the thermometers in the country or local nonprofits

LU alumna assumes archivist job

Lina Rosenberg Foley has recently joined the Lawrence faculty as the University Archivist, taking over for Erin Dix who had left just at the end of the summer.  As such, she has only been with the university for a couple of weeks. However, she is still a familiar face around campus. In fact, Rosenberg Foley

World News

Compiled from various mainstream news outlets. Australia Fraser Anning, the Australian lawmaker who made offensive comments about Muslims and the Islamic faith in general in the wake of the New Zealand shooting has been voted out of office. Anning blamed Muslims and immigration for the bloodshed in March, not the self-proclaimed racist that killed 51 people. Preliminary