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Secret Life: Kevin Goggins

After an extremely intensive and almost life-threatening experience working in a correctional , Kevin Goggins, a member of the Lawrence University Campus Security department, gladly chooses to spend the rest of his retirement ensuring the safety and comfort of the Lawrence community. He also extends his expertise by being an escort in the Chapter 980

#BacktotheBronx brings New York City perspective to Lawrence

This term, Lawrence has gained a powerful new voice on WLFM with “#BacktotheBronx.” Juniors Andre Augustine, Brienne Colston and Jazmin Astwood-Padilla are bringing a taste of their home borough to students while opening up dialogues about complicated and important topics like race and sexuality. “I saw WLFM as a platform that wasn’t really being used,”

Secret life of our staff: Kristi Hill

As director of the Volunteer and Community Service center (VCSC), Kristi Hill’s has centered her life around helping others and has been extending her services to her community as long as she can remember. Hailing from Appleton, Hill is familiar with the needs of the community as a whole and has been coordinating the volunteer