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No more CORE

CORE is something almost all of you should be able to recognize to some degree. For transfer students coming to Lawrence in their sophomore years or above, CORE sadly may not have been a part of your Lawrence experience at all. But for all of you who came here as awkward little freshman babies, CORE

Roomies ‘n ramen

I am a twin. Therefore, much of my childhood was spent always with my sister — in matching outfits, of course — and our constant proximity meant sharing a room too. We slept in a room half decorated with her Kim Possible posters and half smothered in my unicorn decorations. Although we had some arguments

A world of worth

We are living in an amazingly progressive time — technological advancements are allowing people to live longer and with better health than ever before in human history. The overall quality of life of humans has been steadily increasing along with the literacy rate as education becomes distributed to everyone and not just those who can

The fallout

Content warning: sexual assault Matt Lauer. I did not know much about him other than occasionally seeing his face amidst frantic scrambles for breakfast despite being late for school when my mom had the news on. A talking head on a screen spewing scripted commentary in hopes that the people watching would actually listen. Which