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University plans replacements for lost on-campus housing

University plans replacements for lost on-campus housing

Starting in 2016, six of Lawrence’s group houses will no longer be available as student housing. To reconcile this loss, Lawrence is currently developing plans to add additional space, and part of these plans will be a conversion of the former Lucinda’s dining hall into living space. The six Lawrence group houses that will no

Students present summer research at poster symposium

On Saturday, Oct. 11, students who spent their summers doing research, both on- and off -campus, presented their findings in the Steitz atrium at the annual Summer Research Symposium. Attendees were free to roam among the posters presenting information about each of the projects, while the student researchers stood nearby to answer questions, offer further

Matt Glowacki discusses acceptance as a part of Diversify your Mind series

 “I don’t bother with matching my socks,” laughed Matt Glowacki last Thursday, October 2, as he lounged in one of the Diversity Center’s armchairs. “It takes too much time.” Sometimes referring to himself as “legless Matt,” Glowacki visited Lawrence to give a lecture called “Diversity According to Family Guy and South Park,” the second in

First Black Affinity Reunion brings past and present students together to discuss future

Last weekend, alumni from decades of graduating classes returned to campus for Lawrence’s first ever Black Affinity Reunion. Arriving on Friday, approximately 40 alumni were invited to attend classes such as “Black, Brown, and Queer on Film” and “African American Writers” before an opening dinner in the campus center. Later in the evening, alumni were

Absent sculpture returns to campus

In early 1999, senior Art History major Benjamin Tilghman wrote an editorial for The Lawrentian lamenting the state of many sculptures on campus. In particular, he pointed to the condition of “Big Yellow,” the sculpture next to the Wriston art center, how “frankly, the sculpture looks bad. The paint has faded or worn away over

Regarding Recent Changes in Tuition Rates

There has been much curiosity, mainly from the student body, in regards to a recent notification from the Lawrence University administrative staff describing a 3.5% increase in tuition fees.  What many students do not realize is the overwhelming importance of this hike in prices, specifically where the money is going. As many may have noticed, there

Regarding recent changes to printer policy

It has recently come to the attention of many Lawrence students that their former relationships with the printers scattered around campus have come to a close. In favor of better functionality, software upgrades were implemented over break, which means students are now required to both disconnect from their previous printer settings and then re-engage with