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Body Talk: Cartoons and the norm of thinness

In our society, thin bodies are idealized and heavily normalized. This is significant, since not every beauty standard leaves everyone else feeling abnormal or unattractive. We uphold this norm of thinness in some major ways: by medicalizing body size, limiting accessibility in public spaces and emphasizing “health” and diet culture at every turn. We also

Body Talk: Your eyes are beautiful

As a person with primarily European ancestry, I am not often forced to confront the ways in which my perceived racial identity differs from what is socially acceptable. At first glance, I look like your average white bread: light skin, brown hair, brown eyes. Every so often, though, I get a question asked with the

Body Talk: Saying something back

I have found myself in many a situation that goes something like this: the person I’m with starts talking about their new diet, or maybe commenting on someone’s weight loss, or some generally uncomfortable thing that I do not want to discuss with them. I desperately want to say something that will change their mind