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World Music Series showcases Ghanaian Folk

As part of Lawrence’s World Music Series, Okaidja Afroso presented a beautiful performance of traditional Ghanaian folk music with the intention of spreading a message of preservation of African music and culture. Joining him were Titus Nartey and Manavihare Fiaindratovo  on vocals and percussion. Afroso provided lead vocals, guitar, percussion and even dances. The songs

Visiting Professor delivers thought-provoking lecture on “Cities and Cinema”

Barbara Mennel, a professor at the University of Florida, screened the 2015 film “Tangerine” on Thursday, May 18, in the Warch Campus Center Cinema. Afterward, she gave a talk concerning the relationship between urban spaces and the cinema and how “Tangerine” is an important addition to that discussion. Mennel is the Rothman Chair and Director