JoinedSeptember 27, 2019
I have never called myself an artist. Usually, I just say I’m someone who loves art. And that’s true, I do love looking at art, but I also love making it. I don’t remember a sliver of my childhood when I wasn’t drawing with Crayola markers or painting with watercolors. My life as a youngster was constantly consumed by art, and I really loved every second of it. I grew up in a household that embraced creativity, so no matter how terrible my kindergarten drawings...
As a hardcore Taylor Swift fan, I’ll admit I get a little defensive when people openly don’t like her music. However much I disagree with them, though, I understand that everyone has different musical tastes. So, I won’t be arguing that everyone should love Taylor Swift. I will, however, share my opinion on why everyone should just shut up about female musical artists only writing about their exes. 
As this term comes to an end, conversations about winter break plans naturally begin to arise. As with many things, Lawrentians tend to make a competition out of winter break. Despite this sort of game being insanely ironic, considering the word “break” is in the phrase, I’m feeling pretty anxious about sharing my plans with others, worried I’ll be perceived as too lazy.