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Aegean To Appleton: The Fine Art of Saying No

Overstressed, overworked, and under-caffeinated. I am fairly certain that many if not all of us have felt like that at one point. One could even argue that those kinds of feelings are warranted at a place like Lawrence. Rigorous academic schedules, volunteer opportunities, work, interviews, honors projects, passion projects — those are the woes of

Aegean to Appleton: Iconoclast or: The Dangers of Meeting Your Idols

As many of you probably already know by now, business magnate—or magnet, as he would prefer to be called—Elon Musk appeared on the 1,169th installment of the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” The episode consisted of two and a half hours of scientific, existential and metaphysical discussions between Rogan and Musk, talking mainly about the

“Diversity, Privilege and Leadership”

Eddie Moore, Jr. delivers his presentation in Stansbury Theatre. Photo by Hitkarsh Chanana On Thursday, April 21, in the Stansbury Theatre Director and founder of The Privilege Institute and The National White Privilege Conference, Eddie Moore Jr. delivered a presentation on diversity, privilege, oppression and leadership. The presentation, titled “Diversity, Privilege and Leadership: Are We

Presidential candidates hold rallies in Appleton

As Wisconsin’s presidential primary approached, all eyes were focused on Appleton. On Tuesday, March 28, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders hosted a town hall meeting at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. Sanders was followed by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who held his campaign rally at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel on March 30.

Aegean to Appleton: On Xenophobia

As an international student from Greece, I come from a country plagued by political mismanagement and disillusionment. In the most recent national elections, the Greek populace showed tremendous support for Golden Dawn, a far-right, nationalistic political party. It is deeply saddening to see that their political agenda, mostly consisting of xenophobic and racist ideologies, has

Aegean to Appleton: Being A Greek

Confessedly, when people first told me of the existence of “Greek Life” in American universities, I rejoiced! I imagined that this term was used to describe spontaneous emotional dancing, eating Greek salad on a daily basis, and reading one of Plato’s opuses. When I arrived here at Lawrence University, only one of my expectations was

Aegean to Appleton: Rebel, Rebel

It is a common practice among friends who have seen my dorm room to indict me for my seeming pretentiousness; owning a poster of Bob Dylan smoking a cigarette while being a non-smoker yourself is, apparently, highly ostentatious. Even though my confidantes are highly aware of my endless flirtation with conspicuity, many of them are