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Ultra Running: Testing your limits

Though having long flown under the radar on account of its lack of flashiness, ultramarathoning maintains a steady base of top-class athletes throughout the world. Famous names like Tom Evans and Jim Walmsley maintain steady fanbases and sponsorships, with the most well-known face of ultra running being David Goggins. These professional athletes, combined with countless

Analyzing Europe’s soccer financials — as a chem major

I would like to preface this article by warning the economics students at Lawrence University for what will inevitably be a poor usage of economic terminology in the article to come. I am a STEM student after all; please forgive me butchering your major.  Professional Soccer is the most popular sport around the world for

The underappreciated art of the deadlift

In July 2016, Britain’s Eddie Hall deadlifted 500 kg (1102lbs) at the strongman World Deadlift Championships. The equivalent of a half metric ton, this incredible feat of strength added 35 kg/77 lbs to the previous world record. Once deemed impossible, this lift shook the earth in the strength community. And yet, this astronomical lift went