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At the start of high school, I dressed in baggy clothes and clunky boots. My head was shaved. If it weren’t for my short stature, I might’ve easily been mistaken for a boy. I was actively creating distance between myself and my idea of femininity. Like many others, I associated my femininity with weakness and ignorance. I had grown to hate it over time, to hate the way it enabled people to view me and treat me. I did what I felt would protect me from those misconceptions. By presenting androgynously, I convinced myself that I would be perceived...
Whether you know what the definition of doomscrolling is or not, you have probably fallen victim to it at some point. Doomscrolling is the act of getting sucked into a screen and consuming nothing but negative news for an extended period of time. It is a coping mechanism that happens when we find out something bad is happening or experience anxiety about a recurrent national or international problem. To try and feel control over the situation we take in as much information as possible, even if this approach has detrimental effects on our mental health.