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Travelogues: Ireland with Ming Montgomery

Senior Ming Montgomery. Photo by Anton Zemba. Lawrence’s 10-week terms are already intense, yet senior Ming Montgomery went even further by attending a 10-week conservatory-style term at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland. Not only were Montgomery’s classes back-to-back from 8:40 in the morning until about 6:00 at night—unlike most study abroad programs,

Travelogues: London with Haley Stevens

Junior Haley Stevens shares her experiences in London as part of her study abroad program. Photo by Anton Zemba. After spending a term at Lawrence University’s London Center campus, junior Haley Stevens wishes that Lawrentians could attend our campus across the pond for more than one term abroad. An avid theatergoer and thespian herself, Stevens

Travelogues: China with Maddie Kiehl

Junior Maddie Kiehl. Photo by Anton Zemba. Though transitioning from living in the Midwest to studying in a massive Chinese metropolis could be considered stepping out of one’s comfort zone, junior Maddie Kiehl found that spending a semester in Shanghai, China suited her well. Studying alongside classmates from around the world at an international program

Travelogues: Russia with Zach Fithian

Junior Zach Fithian. Photo by Anton Zemba. Last week’s deep freeze may have made Lawrence feel like a mini Siberia, but junior Zach Fithian has the real scoop on life in Russia after his semester abroad in the fall. Through a program run by Bard college, Fithian had the opportunity to live with a host

Travelogues: Rome with Tali Berkowitz

Junior Tali Berkowitz. Photo by Anton Zemba. Junior Tali Berkowitz did not only live and study in Rome over the course of the fall semester, the eager traveler explored as many European cities as she could fit in between classes. Luckily for Berkowitz, being a student in Rome at the American University of Rome proved

Travelogues: Ecuador with Callie Ochs

Senior Callie Ochs. Photo by Anton Zemba. From rainforest canopy observatories to the clubs of Quito, senior Callie Ochs experienced Ecuador to the fullest during her fall term immersion at Universidad de San Francisco de Quito. Through the IES abroad program, Ochs directly enrolled into fully Spanish-speaking classes, adding the challenge of relying on the

Travelogues: Amsterdam with Mara Kissinger

Junior Mara Kissinger. Photo by Anton Zemba. After a semester of exploring the streets and canals of Amsterdam, junior Mara Kissinger is chock-full of advice for fellow students considering a program abroad to the Netherlands. Kissinger travelled specifically through the International Education of Students Abroad program (IES) to explore Gender Studies in Amsterdam, and their

Alumni Angle: Ronan Christman ‘13

As a Biology major and Environmental Science minor, Ronan Christman ’13 has drawn from, and contributed to, the incredible community spirit at Lawrence in the years following her graduation. Christman initially visited Lawrence due to an interest in small Midwestern liberal arts schools and the knowledge that her own grandfather had been a student at

LUAPH helps manage student stress

Jessica Robyns. Photo by Anton Zemba. While the prospect of finals may be sending all of campus into a frenzy, Lawrence for Psychological Health is gearing up to bring everyone’s stress and anxiety levels down. On Saturday Nov 17, the night before finals, the club will be hosting an event at Sabin house meant to

Alumni Angle: Laura Zuege ‘02

Laura Zuege ‘02. Photo by Anton Zemba. Director of Off-Campus Programs, Laura Zuege ’02 has a passion for giving Lawrence students the opportunity to study abroad which stems from her own experience at the London Centre as a student. Having come to Lawrence with many interests and an open mind, Zuege’s term in London helped